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This document has been developed in an effort to provide operational guidance between IP Horizon LLC (IP Horizon) and the New Service Provider (NSP). The business rules will provide operational references for both parties to use to manage the business relationship. As changes are made in staffing, process improvement, and updates to each network, the business rules will serve as the medium to effectively communicate between IP Horizon and the NSP.

IP Horizon reserves the right to make changes to the business rules. In the event that IP Horizon makes changes, the modified version will supersede and replace all previous versions.

If an Interconnection Agreement exists between IP Horizon and the NSP, the interconnection agreement terms supersede this document and the NSP’s LNP Inter Carrier Procedures and/or Trading Partner Profile.


The business rules include IP Horizon’s contact information, guidelines, standards and additional terms and conditions necessary to support Local Number Portability (LNP). IP Horizon’s contact information is provided for general information, billing and contact information and ordering.

IP Horizon requests the NSP provide the ordering and provisioning contact information before implementation of LNP.



Wireless Service Providers (WSP) porting with IP Horizon must adhere to the following in addition to the remaining IP Horizon LNP Processes and Procedures outlined in the document:

  1. The WSP shall only request to port numbers where the WSP has numbering resources assigned or where its coverage area overlaps the geographic location of the numbers it requests to port.
  2. Reserved numbers, as defined in 47 C.F.R. Section 52.15(f)(1)(vi) or a successor provision, may be ported only if there is at least one working telephone number in the group, as required by the FCC’s rules and orders.
  3. If a Type 1 arrangement exists between the WSP and IP Horizon, IP Horizon requests the WSP and IP Horizon work together to migrate the WSP Type 1 telephone numbers to the WSP’s switch prior to the start of porting between the WSP and IP Horizon.


Simple Port

As defined by the FCC, simple ports:

  1. do not involve unbundled network elements
  2. involve an account only for a single line
  3. do not include complex switch translations (e.g.,Centrex, ISDN, AIN services, remote call forwarding, or multiple services on the loop/line)
  4. do not include a reseller.

Non-Simple Port

A non-simple port is any port that does not qualify as a simple port.

Note: Local Service Requests (LSRs) to port multi-line accounts qualify as non-simple ports and, at its discretion, IP Horizon may require project management. Contact IP Horizon’s LNP team for details before submitting the LSR


IP Horizon does not provide Customer Service Records (CSRs).


Local Service Request

The NSP must submit all Local Service Requests (LSRs) through our Vendor Port-out Portal:

Simple Port Validation

The Telephone Number field will be used for validation of simple port Local Service Requests. Completion of the FCC-mandated 14 simple port fields is required on ALL port requests.

Non -Simple Port Validation

Non – Simple Local Service Requests require the Account Holder’s Name and the Account Holder’s Physical Address in addition to the FCC-mandated 14 simple port fields. The entire LSR must be completed for non-simple ports.

Rejected Orders

IP Horizon will reject any Local Service Request that cannot be processed due to inaccurate data on the Local Service Request.

Simple Ports: IP Horizon will provide the ‘reject’ notice within 4 business hours.

Non-Simple Ports: IP Horizon will provide the ‘reject’ notice within 2 business days.

Note: When a Reject notification is received, a supplemental port request in the Vendor Port-out Portal is required to resubmit.

Local Response (LR)

The port date posted on the Local Response is “FIRM”. The NSP should not port the end user’s telephone number before the LR date unless IP Horizon agrees to the early port date. The Local Response will be provided through our Vendor Port-out Portal.

Simple Port: IP Horizon will provide the LR within 4 business hours. 

Non-Simple Ports: IP Horizon will provide the LR within 2 business days.

Note: The port date is valid for 5 business days; IP Horizon does not provide concurrence. 

Supplemental Orders (Cancellations, Reschedules, Changes)

It is the NSP’s responsibility to notify IP Horizon of port cancellations, reschedules, and/or changes to the port request. If the NSP does not notify IP Horizon of the port cancellation, reschedule and/or change, IP Horizon will proceed with the port out per the Firm Local Response date.


IP Horizon requests receipt of cancellation requests by 1pm EST two business days before the scheduled port date.

Cancellations must be requested in the Vendor Port-out Portal.


IP Horizon requests receipt of rescheduled requests by 1pm EST two business days before the scheduled port date. To ensure the port is rescheduled, the NSP must submit a port supplemental (SUP) local service request in the Vendor Port-out Portal.

Reschedule requests must be posted in the Vendor Port-out Portal Order Notes and the new due date must be posted in the Due Date field.

If a port request is rescheduled on the due date, the new Service Provider must adhere to the above notification protocol.


IP Horizon requests submission of Change Orders by 1pm EST two business days before the scheduled port date. 

A detailed description of the Change must be present in the Vendor Port-out Portal Order Notes.

Note: All Local Service Request order cancellations, reschedules and changes must be submitted the Vendor Port-out Portal. To ensure the change is processed with expediency, the reason for the supplemental order should be clearly stated in the Vendor Port-out Portal Order Notes.

Local Service Order Due Dates

Simple Ports: Port out within 1 business day. 

Non-Simple Ports: Port out within 10 business days.

Note: Multi-line accounts may require project management and a longer port out interval. Contact IP Horizon’s LNP team for additional details.

Translations Removal

Translations removal will be scheduled for the business day after the scheduled due date, but can be changed by an LSR supplement received no later than 1pm EST on the due date.


Trouble Reporting

IP Horizon’s Trouble Reporting & Repair Center will receive trouble reports from the NSP, generate internal trouble tickets and forward for processing.

Trouble Reporting Process

  • The NSP must report troubles to IP Horizon’s Trouble Reporting & Repair Contact listed in IP Horizon’s Contact Information section of this document. Upon receipt of trouble reports for specific problems related to LNP, IP Horizon will generate internal trouble ticket(s) and forward for processing. A trouble ticket number for tracking purposes may be provided to the NSP.
  • If IP Horizon receives a trouble report from an end user customer that has ported its telephone number to the NSP, IP Horizon will advise end user customer to contact the NSP directly. IP Horizon will only accept and act on trouble reports directly received from the NSP for ported telephone numbers.

Trouble Reporting Information

The following information is required for trouble reports:

  • Contact Information
    • Carrier Name, Initiator’s name, phone number, fax number, and email address
  • Service Provider ID and OCN
  • Location Routing Number
  • Time and Date of Port
  • Description of Problem

Repair Completion

Notification of repair completion will be emailed to the initiator of the trouble report. IP Horizon will not be held responsible for notifications not received by the NSP resulting from non-responsive or non-operational electronic mail.

Information included in the notice:

  • Telephone Number
  • Customer Name
  • Resolution of the Trouble Ticket (if a problem is found)
  • Date and Time the trouble was reported to IP Horizon
  • Date and Time the trouble was cleared by IP Horizon (if applicable)


Directory Listing & Assistance

Upon completion of the port out, the NSP is responsible for the customer’s directory listing and directory assistance information.


NPAC and SOA Databases

IP Horizon and the NSP both shall be certified by the regional Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC). IP Horizon and the NSP are individually responsible for establishing appropriate arrangements and interfaces with third party entities and/or service bureaus to ensure that ported telephone number data is properly transmitted to NPAC and Service Order Administration (SOA) and any other party necessary to ensure accurate porting between the parties.

SS7, 9-1-1- E9-1-1 & Other Databases

IP Horizon and the NSP are individually responsible for its own independent connections to the SS7 and 9-1-1/E9-1-1 networks. IP Horizon supports E911 service and will complete the necessary 911 functions required for a successful port.



Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri, 7am – 4pm
Company Name:IP Horizon LLC
Address:1200 S. Rogers Circle
Unit 6
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Service Provider ID (SPID):515J
Operating Company Number (OCN):515J
Access Customer Name Abbreviation (ACNA):IHZ
Observed Holidays:New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. 
Note: A recognized Holiday that falls on a Saturday will be observed on Friday and if a recognized holiday falls on Sunday, it will be observed on the following Monday.


Port Out Requests

All port out requests, supplemental requests, and order-related communications should be made via the Vendor Port-out Portal.

General LNP Inquiries, e911, and Trading Partner Agreement Requests

Any non-port out, LNP-related requests may be directed to: 

IP Horizon LNP Team
M-F, 10a – 5p EST


Support for repair issues, mis-directed calls, and testing should be directed to IP Horizon’s 24/7/365 NOC:

IP Horizon NOC


Please send any fraud-related requests to